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Prosthetic Nail

Prosthetic Nail: Offers Natural Appearance and Durability Together

Prosthetic nails offer a perfect solution for those with brittle or missing nails. These special nails are unique in both natural appearance and durability. Thanks to prosthetic nails, you can easily regain your nails' healthy and beautiful appearance.

What is Prosthetic Nail?

Prosthetic nails are specially designed artificial nails used to recreate the nail surface and provide an aesthetic appearance. These nails are the ideal solution for those who want to improve the shape and length of your natural nails. Prosthetic nails are suitable for both women and men.

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What are the advantages of prosthetic nails?

  • Natural Look: Prosthetic nails imitate the appearance of natural nails and provide an aesthetic result.

  • Robustness: Prosthetic nails are more durable and more resistant to breakage than natural nails.

  • Customizability: Thanks to color and length options, prosthetic nails can be designed to suit personal preferences.

  • Quick Application: Prosthetic nails can be applied quickly and started to be used immediately.

  • Troubleshooting Nail Problems: It can be used to correct missing nails or nail deformities.

Prosthetic nails are the perfect solution for those who want to improve nail health and meet beauty standards. For those who have lost their natural nails or suffer from brittle nails, these special nails, combining aesthetics and durability, can restore beauty and self-confidence. For a special experience, meet prosthetic nails and enjoy well-groomed hands.

What are the Models and Types?

  • Acrylic Prosthetic Nails: Acrylic prosthetic nails are durable and strong artificial nails created using acrylic powder and liquid. These types of nails usually last a long time and offer a natural look.

  • Gel Prosthetic Nails: Gel prosthetic nails specifically mimic a more flexible structure of your natural nails. They provide a natural shine and have a slimmer appearance.

  • Prosthetics Made by a Certified Nail Specialist: Prosthetic nail applications can be performed by a certified nail specialist or an expert technician. These professionals have received special training to provide prosthetic nails that best suit the natural structure of the nails.

  • Color and Design Options: Prosthetic nails are available in different colors and designs. This allows you to choose according to your personal style and preferences.

  • Length Options: Prosthetic nails are available in short, medium and long lengths, so you can choose the nail length you want.

  • Stiletto, Square, Oval etc. Shapes:The tip shapes of the nails are also diverse. For example, prosthetic nails are available in different shapes such as stiletto (long and pointed), square, oval or round.

  • Matte and Glossy Coatings: Prosthetic nails can be offered in matte or glossy finishes. You can choose between a matte and glossy finish depending on your personal preference.

Prosthetic nails are a versatile option used to enhance the beauty and strength of natural nails. It is important to discuss your wishes and needs with a nail specialist before application, so that you can choose the prosthetic nail model and type that best suits you.

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