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Laser Hair Removal

ADELA ICE TRIO Laser Hair Removal: Permanent and Comfortable Beauty

Although there are many different methods to get rid of unwanted hair today, ADELA ICE TRIO laser epilation technology stands out in offering permanent results and superior comfort. This innovative and effective device offers a solution that combines beauty and comfort for both men and women.


ADELA ICE TRIO is an advanced laser hair removal device equipped with Triple Wavelength Technology. This technology provides adaptability for different skin types and hair colours, thus providing a safe and effective solution for everyone. It minimizes skin sensitivity and reduces pain during the procedure.

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Advantages of ADELA ICE TRIO:

Lasting Results: ADELA ICE TRIO offers long-lasting and even permanent hair reduction results. When the procedures are repeated regularly, the chances of the hair coming back are reduced.

Comfortable Experience: ADELA ICE TRIO's unique cooling system provides a comfortable experience during the process. It cools your skin, minimizing pain and discomfort.

Fast and Effective: This device provides effective results while shortening processing time thanks to its ability to process large areas quickly.

Suitable for Various Skin Types: Thanks to its three wavelength technology, it offers a suitable option for different skin types and hair colors.

Beauty and comfort come together with the ADELA ICE TRIO laser epilation device! For permanent results and a comfortable experience, contact us for more information and to schedule an appointment. Get rid of your hair permanently and feel more confident!

In Which Regions Can It Be Used?

The ADELA ICE TRIO laser epilation device can generally be used in many different parts of the body and can be applied quite flexibly. This device offers a wide range of applications and is available in the following regions:

  1. Facial Area: ADELA ICE TRIO is an ideal option to get rid of facial hair. It can be used to remove fine hair between the eyebrows, upper lip, chin and cheeks.

  2. Body Area: It can also be used effectively in large areas of the body. It is especially preferred to reduce hair in large areas such as legs, arms, back and chest.

  3. Bikini Area: ADELA ICE TRIO offers a sensitive option for removing hair from the bikini line. A cooling system is used to reduce the sensitivity of the area and provide a comfortable experience.

  4. Armpit: It can also be used to permanently reduce hair in the armpit area. This area is a frequently preferred application area for beauty and hygiene.

  5. Other Sensitive Areas: Sensitive areas are other areas where ADELA ICE TRIO can be used safely. For example, effective results can be achieved in areas such as the auricle, neck, hands and feet.

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