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Our services

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Our services

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GAYA Beauty & It offers special services that push the boundaries of wellness, beauty and care. From skin care to hair design, from body care to make-up...

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Although there are many different methods to get rid of unwanted hair today, ADELA ICE TRIO laser epilation technology stands out in offering permanent results and superior comfort. This innovative and effective device offers a solution that combines beauty and comfort for both men and women.

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Slimming and body shaping have become an important issue for individuals of all ages and lifestyles. CALISTA III is a cutting-edge device that offers a revolutionary solution in this regard. It is designed to make your slimming goals come true and help your body get the shape you want.

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Nowadays, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and keeping the body shape at the desired level has become everyone's priority. BodyDea EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) technology offers a perfect solution for those who want to achieve regional slimming and muscle building goals. This innovative technology is designed to transform your body shape and achieve a more fit appearance.

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Prosthetic nails offer a perfect solution for those with brittle or missing nails. These special nails are unique in both natural appearance and durability. Thanks to prosthetic nails, you can easily regain your nails' healthy and beautiful appearance.

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